• CRAWLER (Public)

    Crawler is a cross-layer architecture that provides the following key features:
    (1) support for multiple optimization,
    (2) support for multiple scenarios,
    (3) coordination of protocol and system components,
    (4) adaptability of optimizations at runtime, ...

  • Fantasy (public)

    FANTASY is a network emulation architecture that allows the fully automated setup and execution of an experiment, enables the convenient access to system information and the collection of test results. With the integration of the cross-layer architecture crawler, we demonstrate that we are able to monitor parameters across protocol layers and to evaluate network emulation scenarios where cross-layer optimization is involved....

  • Horizon

    Horizon is a parallel discrete event simulation extension build on top of the OMNeT++ simulation framework. Based on the modeling paradigm of "expanded events", Horizon allows to run discrete event simulation models in parallel on multi-processor machines. More information on the concepts underlying Horizon is available in our MASCOTS 2010 publication. Additional insight into implementation details gives a recent publication at the OMNeT++ workshop 2011....

    • Horizon Sample Models

      This project contains sample models that show how to use expanded events to enable parallel execution under Horizon.

    • Horizon Simulation Framework

      This project contains the Horizon parallel simulation framework.

      You can check it out by cloning the git:

      git clone

  • KleeNet (Public)

    KleeNet is an extension to the symbolic virtual machine KLEE enabling test case generation for distributed systems. The main idea is described in the IPSN'10 paper, an application demo using Contiki OS was presented at SenSys'10. A more detailed presentation of symbolic distributed execution as a general approach was presented at ICDCS'11....

  • memoize

    Automated Memoization for Parameter Studies Implemented in Impure Languages

    See for further information.

    Download from Files Section.

  • Parallel INET for OMNeT++

    This project contains our parallelized version of the OMNeT++ INET model suite.
    To run this project a modified version of OMNeT++ is required.
    Instructions to obtain the code are available here: Getting the Code
    To execute the project follow this guide: Compiling and Running the Project...

  • SCSlib - Sensor Cloud Security Library

    The Sensor Cloud Security Library (SCSlib) enables cloud service developers to transparently access protected sensor data in the cloud. SCSlib does not require any security expertise from cloud service developers, which enables non-security experts to develop cloud service which operate on protected sensor data. It is sufficiently flexible to satisfy a wide range of performance and security requirements. For more information regarding SCSlib, please consult our paper which has been presented at AASNET'14....

  • VODSim - BitTorrent Simulation for ns-3

    NOTE: As of 2019-08-28, VODSim has moved. Find current versions at

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