From 20/03/2011 to 18/04/2011


17:58 Revision 8559bb38: [eefscheduler] restructured doOneEvent
-doOneEvent now has no parameter
-getNextEvent now removes elements from the FES/IES
-still getting deadlock when IES...
Simon Tenbusch


12:13 Revision b7375ed5: [eefscheduler] made EEFScheduler work with NOBARRIER disabled
Simon Tenbusch
11:23 Revision 3d8e1b20: working on EEFScheduler:
added EEFScheduler Simon Tenbusch
09:11 Revision 8c3f3ad4: Eliminated remaining superfluous output from autobuild script
Georg Kunz


15:22 Revision f9b0c192: In autobuild script: Call make clean via run_program
run_program redirects the output of make to avoid additional
emails by cron.
Georg Kunz
14:54 Revision 2bda82b5: Merge branch 'master' of /projects/horizon/git/horizon-4
Georg Kunz
14:49 Revision d587c226: Modified email notifications of autobuild script
The autobuild script now sends notification emails after successfully
building all configurations and also when skipp...
Georg Kunz
14:49 Revision e26d3d25: Added .gitignore files
Georg Kunz
14:08 Revision 0c2704af: Replaced wish in configure script with tclsh
This change allows compilation of Tkenv on machines which have tcl/tk installed
but do not run a X server, e.g. compi...
Georg Kunz
13:15 Revision 9d98d0e3: Added .gitignore files
Georg Kunz


22:57 Revision 6797046b: Autobuild script for nightly builds
Georg Kunz


13:54 Revision e8c439de: Merge branch 'master' into templatelocks
Simon Tenbusch
13:50 Revision e118c57b: [omnet-4] code review
virtual destr.
pure virtual cLock functions
code formatting
Simon Tenbusch


16:00 Revision 06353f86: Merge branch 'master' of
Simon Tenbusch
15:48 Revision ab8c7f8d: added cNoLock, cleanup
Simon Tenbusch
15:24 Revision 93d0d4d3: [horizon-4] added template locks, cNoLock is still missing
cLockedDefaultList and cLockedMsgHeap are now templated. Simon Tenbusch
12:04 Revision 2c43d39b: added some files, testing git commit
Simon Tenbusch
11:50 Revision 7f251033: Initial import of Horizon-4 release.
Georg Kunz


20:02 Revision 01873262: Initial import of Horizon 4 release.
Georg Kunz
16:02 Bug #149 (Closed): Abnormal Termination when FES runs empty
OMNeT++ 4.x throws exceptions by value and not by pointer anymore as OMNeT++ 3.x does. This bug was fixed by removing... Georg Kunz


16:36 Bug #149 (Closed): Abnormal Termination when FES runs empty
when the FES runs empty, an cTerminationException is thrown, and the simulation terminates with warning message:
Simon Tenbusch


23:45 Feature #148: Configurable locks
List of locked classes:
* cLockedDefaultList
* cLockedMsgHeap
* cSpinLockedMsgHeap
List of Lock types
* SpinLo...
Georg Kunz
23:30 Feature #148 (New): Configurable locks
Replace hardcoded use of locks in cLockedDefaultList and others with a generic lock class so that the actual locking ... Georg Kunz

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