From 17/05/2011 to 15/06/2011


17:21 Revision 47c4b975: [horizon-4] added some casts to atomic ops variables to avoid warnings
Simon Tenbusch
16:57 Revision 66be6aa3: [horizon-4] fixed
- pthreadlibs and atomic ops libs are now correctly beeing set to the CFLAGS variable Simon Tenbusch


13:20 Revision c87b95b0: [eefscheduler] split getNextEvent of EEFScheduler in two methods: updateIES an...
- updateIES: Fills up the Independent Event Set
- getFirstEvent: returns the next event according to EEFScheduling P...
Simon Tenbusch


16:16 Revision bfb08604: [eefscheduler] added changes from codereview (minor stuff) and moved scheduler...
Simon Tenbusch
13:54 Revision 46ea5b3d: [eefscheduler] code cleanup
Simon Tenbusch
13:54 Revision af9583d7: [eefscheduler] the eefscheduler may not be used in the unthreaded case
Simon Tenbusch
13:54 Revision 463434d4: [eefscheduler] made valid flag of barriermessage a AO_t
Simon Tenbusch
13:54 Revision 96e929a8: [eefscheduler] encapsulated getProcessingDelay-call in the getEventDuration() ...
The duration of a message is invalidated in scheduleAt and sendDirect/Delayed Simon Tenbusch
13:54 Revision 94cf1056: [eefscheduler] bugfix with barriermsgs and sequential scheduling:
- the processingDuration was not set correctly everytime
- also now eefscheduler is deleting outdated barriers -> IES...
Simon Tenbusch
13:54 Revision 6b81f4fa: [eefscheduler] added eefscheduler support for NOBARRIER, fixed bug with duration:
- one has to make sure that getProcessingDelay() is only called exactly once per simulation of an event. Otherwise ti... Simon Tenbusch
13:54 Revision 2dd4eb12: [eefscheduler] moved barrierMin from cSimulation to cSpinningthreadpool
Simon Tenbusch
13:54 Revision a3be1d55: [eefscheduler] moved barrierwaiting to scheduler
- now the scheduler always returns a non barrier event Simon Tenbusch
13:54 Revision aeae20a1: [eefscheduler] made cSequentialScheduler work again with NOBARRIER
Simon Tenbusch
13:54 Revision c6940301: [eefscheduler] further code cleanup of doOneEvent
Simon Tenbusch
13:53 Revision 9194dd48: - added some debug output
- fixed taskheap: made operators static, otherwise the wrong operators would be used
- fixed t_start assignment in sc...
Simon Tenbusch
13:53 Revision 0ca3674c: [eefscheduler] some more code cleanup
Simon Tenbusch
13:53 Revision 294a274e: [eefscheduler] solved initialization bug of t_start
- now using delivd instead of t_start (t_start was redundant to delivd)
- removed t_start from code
- some code clean...
Simon Tenbusch
13:53 Revision 63440abe: [eefscheduler] fixed correct advancing of simtime
moved time advancing from getnextmodule to dooneevent Simon Tenbusch
13:53 Revision d617def6: [eefscheduler] fixed deadlock,
problem was with 0-duration events handled differently in csimulation and cscheduler:
eefscheduler now checks mayPara...
Simon Tenbusch
13:53 Revision 2501f650: [eefscheduler]
made simulation working with cSequentialScheduler (barriercreation is noch fully moved to cScheduler) Simon Tenbusch
13:53 Revision 83ba5375: [eefscheduler] restructured doOneEvent
-doOneEvent now has no parameter
-getNextEvent now removes elements from the FES/IES
-still getting deadlock when IES...
Simon Tenbusch
13:45 Revision 52072b74: [eefscheduler] made EEFScheduler work with NOBARRIER disabled
Simon Tenbusch
13:45 Revision a3d116e3: working on EEFScheduler:
added EEFScheduler Simon Tenbusch

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