From 01/06/2011 to 30/06/2011


23:28 Revision eefbed01: [core] added missing updates of message meta data
Georg Kunz
18:20 Revision d493d3f2: [core] implemented thread-safe(r) FES ordering
Georg Kunz
13:26 Revision 217e5224: [core] updated .gitignore
Georg Kunz


22:13 Revision f40e1183: [core] cleanup of execution state handling within casynchmodule
Georg Kunz


14:58 Revision 95d6e993: added casts to some atomic type ops varables to avoid compiler warnings 
Herr Simon Tenbusch


00:07 Revision 8c63ddf5: fixed alignment of threadState_t
Replaced ineffective __attribute__(aligned(...)) keyword with simple yet working manual padding Georg Kunz


22:56 Revision 6aeda35d: removed superfluous SPACING variable
This variable was supposed to seperate threadstate_t but was actually never really used. Georg Kunz


17:21 Revision 47c4b975: [horizon-4] added some casts to atomic ops variables to avoid warnings
Simon Tenbusch
16:57 Revision 66be6aa3: [horizon-4] fixed
- pthreadlibs and atomic ops libs are now correctly beeing set to the CFLAGS variable Simon Tenbusch

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