From 05/07/2011 to 03/08/2011


16:15 Revision 64aa7fee: [nullduration] BARRIER: the additional barrier information is now always set i...
Simon Tenbusch
16:04 Revision 006e5abb: [nullduration] added insertOrder comparison to the NOBARRIER comparison operat...
Simon Tenbusch
15:02 Revision b9e9c37a: [nullduration]
- implemented rest of nullduration algorithm for both barrier based approach as well as NOBARRIER.
-- barrier based a...
Simon Tenbusch
12:31 Revision 96cc8d6f: [nullduration] fixed the Bugs, Daniel mailed:
-- (hoch) INSTALL behauptet NOBARRIER wäre default. in meinem checkout
ist dies nicht wahr.
-- (unwichtig) include/c...
Simon Tenbusch


12:58 Revision e23586a8: Merge branch 'master' of
Simon Tenbusch


21:31 Revision fd9e238e: [master] cosmetic changes
Georg Kunz

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