From 17/11/2011 to 16/12/2011


15:31 Revision 8aeaaccc: [sequencechart]
- further work on REAL TIME Visualization Simon Tenbusch


17:36 Revision 0596ce67: [sequencechart]
- further work on REAL TIME timeline mode
- fixed bug in critical path computation (see wiki)
Simon Tenbusch


16:57 Revision bcffd494: [sequencechart] first steps towards REAL_TIME visualization.
Simon Tenbusch


19:03 Revision 76c7d000: [sequencechart] added 32bit nativelibs
Georg Kunz
10:50 Revision 8f424055: [sequencechart] added binaries and build system additions
- added binaries of GUI enhancements
- nativelibs Linux64 and jar
- sequencechart jar
- added build target instal...
Georg Kunz


18:44 Revision 7e31bd93: Merge branch 'sequencechart' of ssh://
Georg Kunz
18:43 Revision 63d0f40e: [sequencechart] build system upate
Added a make target nativelibs to the root Makefile. Updated README
Georg Kunz
16:05 Revision 9a3b7d13: [sequencechart]
- fixed a bug in critical path visualization Simon Tenbusch
01:28 Revision 92b45026: [sequencechart] added icon for critical path and updated icon for illustration...
Georg Kunz
01:10 Revision 0d23b8b4: [sequencechart] visualize the critical path
- draw red and thicker arrows for the critical path
- draw orange event marker
- modifications to increase the size o...
Georg Kunz


17:45 Revision d91c8332: [sequencechartfacade] fixed another bug with predecessor relation
Simon Tenbusch
16:53 Revision e2b044ac: [sequencechartfacade]
- antecessor now considers module ID.
- Fixed bug with critical path calculation resulting in endless loop
Simon Tenbusch


01:37 Revision ea46fe03: [sequencechart] added missing file and adjusted .gitignore accordingly
Georg Kunz


23:02 Revision 30ed7b7b: [sequencechart] updated README
Georg Kunz
15:14 Revision a3b7e786: [sequencechart] added methods for displaying the critical path
- TODO: Discuss the antecessor relation Simon Tenbusch


15:47 Revision 7b9ec8e6: [sequencechart] fixed overlapping selection to show the largest set
Simon Tenbusch
15:44 Revision b1c46656: Merge branch 'sequencechart' of
Simon Tenbusch
15:43 Revision 1c72663d: [sequencechart] added methods for efficient parallel set
Simon Tenbusch


23:45 Revision 9d023582: [sequencechart] moved location and renamed nativelibs and sequencechart dirs t...
Georg Kunz
17:20 Revision a1b71af8: [sequencechart updated .gitignore]
Georg Kunz
14:04 Revision 8d95189d: Merge branch 'sequencechart' of ssh://
Georg Kunz
14:03 Revision 30d8972c: [sequencechart] updated meta-data
- added plugin-xml for correct initialization of plugin
- updated
Georg Kunz
03:07 Revision 2fa11240: [sequencechart] permanently setting custom build flag
set this flag to include in the common-lib. Avoid undefined
references when building the nativelibs from so...
Georg Kunz


23:02 Revision 34a5b297: [sequencechart] importing sequence chart sources
Georg Kunz
16:14 Revision 95d5c2d3: [sequencechart] fixed overlapping highlighting
Simon Tenbusch
15:36 Revision 94def1e9: [sequencechart] fixed bug in MANIFEST.MF of nativelibs
- a wrong version string prevented correct initialization of the OMNeT++ plugins Georg Kunz
15:35 Revision 1e6cf02d: [sequencechart] updated README
Georg Kunz
10:42 Revision 382d8398: [sequencechart] added methods for correctly displaying blue arrows at the end ...
Simon Tenbusch
00:07 Revision 937a8abd: [sequencechart] update of README
Georg Kunz


14:21 Revision c4ee3ff8: [sequencechart] manual and sample trace file
Georg Kunz
12:07 Revision 81ad8b66: [sequencechart] legacy trace detection
- moved legacy trace detection from plugin to parsing lib Georg Kunz


17:53 Revision ced95c57: [sequencechart] sequencechartfacade methods for color coding (event lenght per...
Simon Tenbusch


16:49 Revision 391dcea0: [sequencechartfacade] added methods for automatic bottleneck search
Simon Tenbusch


23:50 Revision 0ffda1dd: [sequencechart] correctly skip eventEndEntries
- we do not include our need eventEndEntries in the logentries during parsing for backwards compatibility
- a mismatc...
Georg Kunz
17:37 Revision 6b052c7a: [sequencechart] fixed crash due to missing initialization
Georg Kunz
17:36 Revision ac123172: Merge branch 'sequencechart' of ssh://
Georg Kunz

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