From 20/12/2011 to 18/01/2012


14:08 Revision 17a06e54: [sequencechart]
- implemented the overlapping indication now also for the REAL TIME domain Simon Tenbusch
13:28 Revision 5e706c5e: [sequencechart] added new critical path show colors icon and updated colors fo...
Simon Tenbusch
12:40 Revision 943aa6e2: [sequencechart]
Implemented visualization of parallelism on the critical path:
The overlapping CPU time for each event is counted and...
Simon Tenbusch


10:52 Revision 97e29f40: [sequencechart]
- fixed behaviour of eventLenghtMode Toggle: when switching from REAL_TIME to SIMULATION_TIME, the event length mode ... Simon Tenbusch


17:55 Revision a2c79680: [sequencechart]
- fixed many bugs that were introduced due to potentially different ordering of events in REAL_TIME mode, and due to ... Simon Tenbusch


16:35 Revision 2595f1a9: [sequencechart]
- various bugfixes Simon Tenbusch
15:13 Revision 14650391: [sequencechart]
- fixed bug in critical path calculation Simon Tenbusch

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