From 07/04/2013 to 06/05/2013


17:28 Revision 29433f63: Fixed more bugs, now having race conditions...
Mirko Stoffers
16:49 Revision db5eaea7: Fixing some errors
Mirko Stoffers
15:44 Revision f22bd539: Now also updating succesor lists
Mirko Stoffers
15:05 Revision 18befb2d: Module will now create new entries into the event type list when new event typ...
Mirko Stoffers
10:16 Revision 04a70d7c: cSpinningThreadPool::insertTask() now also sets abstractEvent
Type not yet determined correctly in cModule.
Need to implement learning next to create the types.
Mirko Stoffers


13:21 Revision 55a2db5f: Merge branch 'master' into omnet43
Mirko Stoffers
13:15 Revision e1750c09: Fixed bug with not-removed events
Problem: With Horizon the semantics of cScheduler::getNextEvent() and
cSimulator::doOneEvent() where changed. Without...
Mirko Stoffers


18:31 Revision 0ba82943: Merge branch 'master' into omnet43
Mirko Stoffers
18:04 Revision 573fc769: Some more changes to make it even linking
Mirko Stoffers
14:24 Revision 43369ba0: Made Horizon 4.3 compiling...
Mirko Stoffers


16:10 Revision fc839da5: Fixed bug in seed generation
Mirko Stoffers
15:11 Revision 08285dff: Modified random number genaration
Instead of deriving from cNumberGenerator, models now use a distinct RNG
in the global RNG array. This ignores the us...
Mirko Stoffers


17:51 Revision 842775ab: Reverted eventlog tool back to stock OMNeT++ version
Mirko Stoffers
16:45 Revision 3027cc88: Applied changes from OMNeT++ 4.1 to OMNeT++ 4.3
Mirko Stoffers
12:55 Revision 371d1608: On the way to porting Horizon to OMNeT++ 4.3
Removed sequence quart, sequence chart will not be supported in OMNeT++
4.3 for now.
Mirko Stoffers


17:51 Revision c6304246: heuristic now sucessfully compiling
Mirko Stoffers
14:06 Revision d9f96681: Updated Makefiles -- THIS BRANCH (ADA) IS NOT COMPILING ANYMORE!
Will now fix the bugs... Mirko Stoffers

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