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Added by Simon Tenbusch almost 9 years ago

[random-number-generator] cAsyncModules now take ini input for RNG seeding
- the parameter number-local-rngs specifies how many local random number generators are beeing created for the module
- the parameter local-rng-seed takes a string of whitespace-seperated seeds, that are beeing used to seed the corresponding RNG. Example:
network.node2.number-local-rngs = 5
network.node2.local-rng-seed = 23 auto 24 25
will create 5 RNGs for node2 with the second and fifth seed being autogenerated. For other nodes fallback to default 1 RNG with autogenerated seed.

- the seeding is triggered during setup in cSimulation::startRun()
- when considering dynamic module generation, the seeding has to be triggered at a suitable point. (not implemented)


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