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7ff3c017 16/08/2013 09:35 Mirko Stoffers

Made cDynamicExpression::evaluate (and therefore cPar::doubleValue) thread-safe

Problem: cDynamicExpression::evaluate was not thread-safe (also noted in the
comment), but used by cPar::doubleValue from a threaded context. This
caused using par() for random variables to yield wrong results in rare...

49c66c64 14/05/2013 11:21 Mirko Stoffers

Moved context switching in main loop

Problem: The context was set in the main loop just prior to the event
offloading. This yielded the problem that it was not set correctly
during determination of event durations thus picking the duration from
wrong RNGs....

e1750c09 18/04/2013 13:15 Mirko Stoffers

Fixed bug with not-removed events

Problem: With Horizon the semantics of cScheduler::getNextEvent() and
cSimulator::doOneEvent() where changed. Without Horiozn, getNextEvent()
peeked the event in the FES, and doOneEvent() removed it. This was
changed for Horizon, but the cParsimScheduler::getNextEvent() function...

fc839da5 16/04/2013 16:10 Mirko Stoffers

Fixed bug in seed generation

08285dff 16/04/2013 15:11 Mirko Stoffers

Modified random number genaration

Instead of deriving from cNumberGenerator, models now use a distinct RNG
in the global RNG array. This ignores the user specific mapping, but
introduces a mapping that creates <num-rngs> RNGs per module and maps
them accordingly....

cbd2c699 03/04/2013 11:09 Mirko Stoffers

Renamed duration -> eventDuration

Problem: We had a variable cMessage::duration for Horizon and a
variable cPacket::duration from OMNeT++ itself while cPacket inherits
from cMessage. This might lead to the wrong variable being accessed
by packets.

Solution: Renamed the Horizon variable cMessage::duration in...

fbe00e73 07/03/2013 15:57 Mirko Stoffers

Moved cAsyncModule functionality to cSimpleModule, dropped cAsyncModule

We eliminated the need for special cAsyncModule objects
since it is more convenient to just stick to cSimpleModule in the
model implementation and active Horizon through omnetpp.ini switches....

79b044ca 08/09/2012 01:48 Georg Kunz

[master] correctly printing measured runtimes to logfile

68da4f12 05/06/2012 01:20 Georg Kunz

[master] enable endSimulation() from threaded context

b781545c 30/05/2012 09:44 Georg Kunz

[master] streamlined templated implementation of locks

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