Compiling and Running the Project

We assume that you obtained the code from the instructions (Getting the Code) resulting in two folders "omnetpp4.5-comsys1.0" and "pinet2.4.0-comsys1.0".

Step 1: Compile OMNeT++ for parallel INET

Follow the guidelines of OMNeT++, i.e., in a terminal execute the following commands to build OMNeT++ for parallel INET:

cd omnetpp4.5-comsys1.0
. setenv

Step 2: Compile parallel INET

Follow the guidelines of INET, i.e., execute the following commands to build parallel INET:

cd pinet2.4.0-comsys1.0
make makefiles
make MODE=release

Step 3: Run the example simulation

We created an example network for parallel simulation, including partitioning in examples/backbone. You can run this example by executing the run script in this directory using 4 LPs.

cd pinet2.4.0-comsys1.0/examples/backbone

In general, follow the guidelines of OMNeT++ for parallel execution of OMNeT++ models, i.e. run opp_run_release through mpiexec -n #LPs. For executing INET, you need to pass the parameters -n ./:../:../../src/ -l ../../src/inet. Additionally, you might want to specify the run number, ini file, configuration, environment, etc. For example, this might result in the following command line:

mpiexec -n 4 opp_run_release -r 0 -n ./:../:../../src/ -l ../../src/inet -f LargeNet57_par4.ini -c config1 -u Cmdenv